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Traffic, Teachers, Technology: Nashville entrepreneurs spotlight troubles, opportunities

A survey of commercial enterprise owners offered to Nashville Mayor John Cooper highlights issues and opportunities going through the town with regards to luring entrepreneurs and improving the metropolis.

The survey protected Nashville members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization which is constructed from commercial enterprise proprietors or operators that generate between $1 million to $three hundred million annually and are accountable for almost 10,000 employees.

The survey praised Music City for it’s booming seasoned-commercial enterprise economy, pro-development and pro-enterprise shape, and for being a progressive, inclusive, numerous, generation and innovation-pushed city which continues to draw corporations from around the county and international.

Included within the survey are 39 thoughts to improve the city. Among them is the want for inexpensive housing, broadening get admission to to capital for businesses outdoor the healthcare & tune sectors, transportation, and supplying reasonable incentives to the “right agencies.”

Specifically, the survey pointed to the want to help the metropolis’s instructors and primary responders. Among the top problems entrepreneurs believed confronted the town became training, which ranked 2nd to visitors. Poor public colleges ranked #4 in pinnacle constraints dealing with marketers.

Respondents accept as true with instructor housing will be stepped forward by means of building excessive density residential houses close to schools for teachers with rend adjusted based on what the teacher is paid. The survey also states teachers must be paid greater and there need to be benefit pay for instructors for you to attract and retain pinnacle talent.

Jeff Bradford, President and CEO of the Bradford Group, says Mayor Cooper became very attentive to the record and turned into especially interested approximately thoughts when it comes to improving generation. The survey called for improvements to nearby governments imparting clean get admission to to records, creating a virtual healthcare technology incubator, coordinating visitors lighting fixtures to alleviate site visitors, and connecting era with fast transit.

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