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Could the worldwide cooling of Greenland store ice sheets?

What if generation couldn’t most effective prevent global warming however additionally cool the planet? For example, would it be sufficient to forestall the ice sheet deteriorating in regions like Greenland? While it sounds like the premise of a science fiction film – to be honest, it’s the basis of at least one superb technological know-how fiction movie – it’s some thing that has been researched with the aid of scientists around the arena.

Unfortunately, as Brian Kahn from Earther reviews, this will now not save you the ice sheet from melting. It should slow down the melting technique, however even such a radical degree might now not absolutely stop it.

The ability lack of ice sheets has numerous alarming aspects. For starters, there are sea level consequences around the sector – which might result in more coastal flooding. However, a current record additionally indicates that melting ice sheets also can make contributions to severe climate.

The paintings that Kahn cites in his article treated the consequences of solar radiation control.

The outcomes of the paper display that cooling can gradual the melting of the ice sheet – however it can’t stop it. This ought to supply the coastal areas time, however additionally change the climate in different methods, that could ultimately affect other areas around the world.

Even if this sort of huge era had been not sufficient to stop the Greenland ice sheet from melting, it necessarily reminds us of the urgency to manipulate weather exchange with the assets to be had.

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