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Firstchop Disrupts Prepared Food Industry, Launching Line Of Restaurant Quality, Hearty Meals, Ready In three Minutes

Firstchop today announced the launch of its modern line of healthy, geared up-to-reheat prepared meals. The food function beneficiant portions of gradual cooked fowl or beef with rich, flavorful sauces like Tikka Masala, Korean Barbecue and Green Mole. In sharp comparison to currently available frozen and prepared meals, Firstchop food is delicious, big and nutritious.

Firstchop is capable of obtain their dramatically advanced taste and fine via innovations in both guidance and packaging. Firstchop’s innovative cooking technique consists of searing meats after which sluggish cooking them over low heat. This lets in deep flavors to expand even as making sure the meats are juicy and delicious. The food come refrigerated as opposed to frozen, which improves both the first-rate of the meals and the velocity at which it reheats. Revolutionary packaging offers the goods a 45-day refrigerated shelf life.

“This is real food, the form of meals you consume in case you’re certainly hungry and care about what is going into your frame,” stated Ajay Narain, Firstchop’s CEO and co-founder. Narain’s notion in starting the enterprise turned into the dearth of nice across the board for convenient food; he and his crew spent the remaining three years refining the goods. “We spent several weeks tasting each imaginable shape of prepared meals available. Most of the meals turned into inexpensive but became extraordinarily awful – it truely tasted such as you had been getting what you paid for, bland, uninspired, soggy and manufactured. Honestly, we had nowhere to go however up,” he brought.

Firstchop food are unfastened from artificial shades, preservatives and flavors and are huge in terms of component size (around 10 ounces) and protein content material (averaging 40g). With the exception of Firstchop’s Grilled Chicken dish, that’s Paleo Certified, all meals contain two separate pouches, one with the main dish, the alternative with rice. By evaluation, the significant majority of geared up to reheat meals available on the market nowadays contain a paltry 19g of protein on average, are encumbered with unpronounceable preservatives, fillers and chemical substances, and lean heavily on simple carbs.

The first to experience the new line of merchandise could be long suffering workplace workers, whose lunch and past due night food options had been constrained to stale sandwiches, limp salads, or simply blatant junk like chips or sweet. Using a conventional microwave oven, Firstchop meals reheat in two to a few minutes and can be eaten directly out of the included tray.

Firstchop’s first four merchandise will encompass chef-crafted worldwide flavors: Korean Barbecue Beef, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken with Green Mole Sauce, and Grilled Chicken with Fire Roasted Vegetables. The Chicken Tikka Masala and Grilled Chicken are licensed gluten loose. All merchandise could be to be had at workplace merchandising and micro marketplace locations in at the West Coast through Vistar and different vendors.

Firstchop is on a undertaking to make ridiculously fulfilling food which are incredible high quality, scrumptious and convenient. Based in Campbell, CA, Firstchop was began in 2016 because the brainchild of Ajay and Kaajal Narain. As running dad and mom, they struggled like maximum busy dad and mom to feed their two developing boys. After years of experimentation, they came upon sous vide as the precise approach to prepare dinner dishes and then quick reheat after storing. Firstchop starts with the exceptional substances in hearty quantities, the use of chef-stimulated recipes, to supply the whole thing you’d anticipate from a excellent restaurant meal, but prepared in just three minutes.

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