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Holiday celebration shows off 4 cultures Christmas celebrations

The Annual Christmas Around the World service and celebration brought together 4 one-of-a-kind cultures to expose attendees how they every celebrate Christmas.

Performances included a Hispanic Christmas, a Tabernacle Christmas, an African Christmas and a Swedish Christmas. Organizers say this lifestyle is a special one and brings collectively the community simply in time for the holidays.

Major Mark Martsolf of The Salvation Army of Winnebago County says, “We do it due to the fact we want to celebrate the variety that we worship collectively and the various cultures who have come to join collectively as one community. Christmas genuinely is celebrated in all parts of the world and its reflective here.”

For attendees and Salvation Army workforce like Barbara Higgins, she has been attending occasions like this for the reason that her early life and become capable of deliver her grandchildren to the carrier this yr. She says, “People simply begin to weep as it reminds them in their teenagers, their domestic u . S . A . And their traditions that are being finished in our subculture these days. It’s overwhelming. This is this sort of blessing that there’s so much room on the table for each nationality, all and sundry.”

At the end of the offerings, attendees endured the party with a multicultural food tasting, from one-of-a-kind international locations all around the international.

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