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St. Clair baker who won $10K on Netflix show starts baking, ice carving business Pfrosted

Katlin Pfropper has come a long way from making home videos with names like ‘Chefy Chefy’ and being the kid who got flour all over herself while baking cookies.

Now, the St. Clair baker can say she has competed in a Netflix show with a friend and won $10,000, competed in World Ice Art Championships in Alaska and will be competing in the IKA/Culinary Olympics in Germany in February.

She does all that and works full-time at Carmela Specialty Foods and Fine Wines. Oh, and she’s started her own cake and ice carving business, Pfrosted.

Pfropper said things are getting a little crazy.

“I don’t mind crazy,” she said, but some days it is like, “good lord!”

Getting frosty with Pfrosted
Pfropper has always enjoyed baking and attended Macomb Community College’s arts program.

In the past, she’d make cakes and ice sculptures by request, but never made an actual business out of it.

With the recent publicity from competing on the Netflix show “Sugar Rush Christmas,” she decided to build the business.

Her family encouraged her to do more and she thought it was probably time to make it a legit thing and give it a name.

What could she do for both ice sculptures and cakes though?

Well, there’s the frostiness with ice, and the frosting on cakes, and her last name of Pfropper, so why not Pfrosted?

Pfropper said since she got the LLC she’s seen an increase in orders, and she’s gotten even more so with publicity from the show.

“It was like a perfect opportunity for me to start something,” she said.

The pricing for her products depends on what the customer wants. Certain specialty flavors or fillings can cost more.

“I like getting new cake orders,” she said. “It’s fun to do different things each time.”

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